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Every now and then, we all like to indulge in some online shopping. Whether it’s because we don’t have time to do so physically or simply because we prefer the convenience, it’s something that’s become an inherent part of modern society. And there’s a plethora of different types of items that we can purchase with […]

If you have been receiving messages saying something like “we have installed RAT software on your device. Your email account is hacked” and would like to know more about what RAT software is, the information bellow will be of interest to you. Although RAT software has been around for nearly two decades, every few years […]

Online scams are a commonplace and each day thousands of users get tricked into spending their money on fake services and obscure software tools that are said to fix something within the user’s PC but in reality serve no other purpose than financing the crooks that are conducting the scam. Recently, one new such fraudulent […]

Less than a day ago, the release of a new mobile game that is expected to gain extremely high popularity has been announced – Harry Potter Go, Pokemon Go’s developer’s next big product. Most of you surely remember how last year everywhere you went, there were kids, teenagers and probably also adults playing Pokemon Go […]

A simple coincidence or not? Malware shuts down a German Nuclear Power Plant on the 30th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Disaster It is fascinating that yesterday’s date doesn’t only mark the 30th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, but it also represents the closing of the Gundremmingen nuclear power plant in Germany because of a […]

Hackers used custom “SWIFT” malware for attack on the Bangladeshi Central Bank According to researchers, the used malware hijacks the SWIFT software, changing its confirmation notifications and deleting transaction records. The aforementioned custom malware actually attacks the SWIFT client software- among the most widely used types of transaction software, preferred by a number of financial […]

Is WhatsApp’s Encryption More Reliable? WhatsApp’s actions this week were more than shocking as the company gave its customers end-to-end encryption. The term “End-to-End” refers to the protection of a conversation- once it’s done prior to it leaving your cell phone, it can only be read after it has reached your partner’s phone. Consequently, not […]

Do you think that collecting your money in jars is funny and old-fashioned? Well, you may think about that again because it may appear to be the only safe way to keep them even in the nowadays technological era. A new malware nightmare called GozNym is said to be attacking Canadian and American bank accounts […]

 The global leader in Internet content security Trend Micro strongly advise the Windows users to think about uninstalling the Apple application QuickTime from their machines. Actually, the program works really well. The problem is  Apple’s decision to stop releasing security updates for the Windows version of the program. Moreover, new serious vulnerabilities that may allow […]

It is reported that web hosting firm 123-reg has deleted an unknown number of their customers’ websites. The company hosts around 1.7 million sites in the UK alone. Apparently whilst carrying out maintenance they deleted information which was on their servers, resulting in some data loss. At present it is unknown how many people are […]