Homeland Security Warns QuickTime Should be Uninstalled

If you are a Windows user, you would probably like to remove QuickTime from your system as soon as possible.

 The global leader in Internet content security Trend Micro strongly advise the Windows users to think about uninstalling the Apple application QuickTime from their machines. Actually, the program works really well. The problem is  Apple’s decision to stop releasing security updates for the Windows version of the program. Moreover, new serious vulnerabilities that may allow hackers to take a computer system down are said to have been discovered. As long as QuickTime won’t be updated regularly, the only possible and safe choice is to get rid of it.

What’s fortunate is that there have not been any real attacks exploiting these newly discovered vulnerabilities yet. However, even the Department of Homeland security follows Trend Micro’s advice and warns Windows OS users to remove the program immediately to prevent all the possible threats.

What’s important to note is that the recent news is all about the Windows version of QuickTime. The Mac version is fully functional and contains no probable danger.

The QuickTime uninstallation process is relatively easy and simple. Also, there are clear instructions by Apple on how to properly remove the program. However, if you find it completely necessary to use the application, you shouldn’t get desperate. The situation is not as bad as it seems, your computer can’t be remotely controlled after all. The vulnerabilities are present only if there is a “user interaction”- visiting a dangerous website or downloading suspicious software. Well, then, if you are attacked using QuickTime, you would be the only one to blame because you haven’t removed it on time.

Lastly, we should mention that there are many good replacements of QuickTime. They are not ideal but can manage most media formats. So don’t get too attached to a program and focus on your safety first!

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