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Mobile Game Harry Potter Go, Pokemon Go’s successor, announced!

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Less than a day ago, the release of a new mobile game that is expected to gain extremely high popularity has been announced – Harry Potter Go, Pokemon Go’s developer’s next big product. Most of you surely remember how last year everywhere you went, there were kids, teenagers and probably also adults playing Pokemon Go on their Android, Apple or Windows smartphones, collecting pokemons in parks, alleys, driveways, mall – all over the town. Well, next year the same craze is likely to return with Harry Potter:Wizards Unite or as some currently refer to it for the sake of clarity, Harry Potter Pokemon Go. The company behind this game is Niantic who have been trying to implement the AR (augmented reality) technology within mobile games since 2012 with their Ingress game. However, it was not until last year that AR gaming really took off with the release of the highly-popular for 2016 Pokemon Go game.

Wizards Unite

Currently, there isn’t too much information available for Harry Potter “GO”. Niantic haven’t revealed too much about what the game will offer but what is more than clear is that the AR technology will once more be the one of this product’s main features. According to a short overview of the game app found at PotterMore, the player would be, similarly to Pokemon Go, to roam around their real-life environment in search for different mythical monsters that they could fight or secret artifacts and treasures that they can find, all made possible through the augmented reality technology which was also one of the main aspects which made Pokemon Go so popular.

Another feature that has been announced regarding Harry Potter:Wizards Unite is a team-up option through which several players would be able to use their collective forces to defeat magical beasts which are too strong for a single player to defeat. Also, it has been said that players would be able to learn new spells as their character’s powers grow giving access to even more possibilities over time. Naturally, the game would be available for all major mobile platforms – Android, iOS, Windows 8.1.

Harry Potter Go, Pokemon Go’s successor

The fans of the Harry Potter franchise will need to wait until next year to get a chance to experience Niantic’s new product on their Android smartphones or iPhones. The mobile game Harry Potter, Pokemon Go’s successor will release in 2018. However, eager fans can go to the official site of the game and get signed up right away.

According to what experts predict regarding Wizards Unite, the mobile app will likely gain similar popularity to the one that Pokemon Go had last year. Some even claim that the new game will become even more popular than its predecessor. One of the key points made here is that the newest Niantic game will implement more advanced AR technology than what Pokemon Go had at the time of its release. Developer tools such as ARCore and ARKit are likely to be used within the game to make its augmented reality experience even more immersive and engaging. One thing to point out here, though, is that many players of Pokemon Go have actually chosen to keep the AR function of the game disabled as playing is actually easier that way and this could also save a lot of battery life. Regardless, there pretty much no doubt that next year we will once again be seeing the rise of the next trend in mobile gaming – Harry Potter:Wizards Unite.



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