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GozNym Malware – A Banking Trojan!

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Do you think that collecting your money in jars is funny and old-fashioned? Well, you may think about that again because it may appear to be the only safe way to keep them even in the nowadays technological era.

A new malware nightmare called GozNym is said to be attacking Canadian and American bank accounts and has already been used to steal more than $4 million from more than 20 American and Canadian banks.

Actually, GozNym combines two seriously malicious viruses- Nymaim and Gozi. The newly formed Trojan is reported to be remarkably resilient and completely ruthless. It was first encountered in the beginning of April and has already caused a certain amount of damage. The IBM X-Force Research Team, who first discovered that malicious creation, claims that the virus strongly resembles its “parents”. It has taken the Nymaim’s persistence and the Gozi’s Trojan banking capabilities to facilitate crime through already infected Internet browsers. This combination is particularly dangerous and has been described as a “banking Trojan monster”.

GozNym Malware mainly targets business accounts. More than 50% of the caused damage is to union’s accounts. It is still unclear how many users and companies have been under attack. Furthermore, this type of malware can be even more devastating because it can target end customers. Once a system is infected with GozNym, it stays there quietly until the user decides to log into a bank account. That’s when the malware starts functioning and sending the private data to hackers. “All of that happens without anyone noticing.” – claims the IBM security adviser Etay Maor.

Possible solutions to the presented threat of GozNym Malware are the installation of reliable anti-malware and malware detection tools as well as the protection of users’ endpoints. Such technologies can help prevent the malicious effects of the constantly emerging new viruses and online threats.


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