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Google Chrome Critical Error Red Screen (888-563-5234) Scam

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Online scams are a commonplace and each day thousands of users get tricked into spending their money on fake services and obscure software tools that are said to fix something within the user’s PC but in reality serve no other purpose than financing the crooks that are conducting the scam. Recently, one new such fraudulent scheme has been reported which is known as the Google Chrome Critical Error Red Screen (888-563-5234) Scam.

How Does Critical Error Red Screen Scam Work?

When a user gets faced with this scam, the screen of their Chrome gets covered by a warning message that states there has been an attempt to infect the user’s computer and steal important information from their system such as passwords and usernames. Although it is said that the infection has been contained and that the computer is safe for the time being, the customer is advised to temporarily “freeze” their accounts until the danger has been fully dealt with. Additionally, a phone number (888-563-5234) is provided and the user is prompted to make a call to it in order to receive further instructions with regards to the resolving of the problem. We found a removal guide that might help you remove such scams from popping up again here.  

The scam

As we already mentioned, the Google Chrome Critical Error Red Screen (888-563-5234) is nothing more than a commonly employed scam scheme that many online crooks use to extort money from unsuspecting and inexperienced users. Although the warning message is made to look as if it is coming from Google, this is really not the case. Google would never actually display such an error message on your screen prompting you to contact them via a provided phone number. Most probably, once you call the number, you will directly contact the scammer who would then pretend to be a tech-support operator who is trying to help you resolve the detected issue (which is actually non-existent).

Here is where the actual scam takes place – the victim of the fraudulent scheme is likely to be asked to provide the scammer with remote access to their PC or pay for some online service or software tool which would supposedly deal with the problem and make the computer safe again. However, since there’s no real problem to begin with, if you pay the requested money you’d simply waste them sponsoring the crooks without actually receiving anything in return. Also, if you allow the scammers to gain remote access to your machine there are all sorts of actual issues that might occur.

Therefore, if you see the Google Chrome Critical Error Red Screen (888-563-5234) on your browser screen, know that you should not call that number or follow any other instructions that might be provided in the error message. Instead, reset the settings of your browser and scan your PC with a reliable antivirus/anti-malware program as there’s likely some unwanted software on your PC which has actually facilitated the appearance of the fake error message inside your browser.


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