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What is Knox App Android?

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Whether you are the head of a company or just a regular user who needs their Android device for their work, the Samsung Knox app can prove to be highly beneficial for you. Here, in this article, we will go over the main aspects of this piece of software, explaining what it does and how it makes one’s working process safer, more secure and with better protection for their privacy.

Samsung Knox App
Samsung Knox App

What is Knox Android?

To put it simply, Samsung Knox is an Android app for Samsung devices that creates a separate layer/environment in the smartphone within which all work/business-related apps and data are handled. In its core, the environment that the app creates separates personal files, documents and apps from ones that are related to the user’s work.

The main benefit from such a feature is improved security and privacy for the customer. Everything within the environment created by Knox is encrypted and can only be accessed by the user via a password that would unlock it. The password has a timeout setting so that the user doesn’t need to type it in each time they open Knox. If a certain set period of time passes without the app being used, it would get locked once again and the password would need to be re-entered. The set timeout period can be altered through the app’s settings.

The Work Environment/Layer

By separating the personal and the work-related data, Knox ensures that the private files of the user remain untouched and inaccessible to any apps that are contained within its secure environment. However, the opposite is also true. For instance, if you give your phone to a friend, provided the they don’t know your password for the Knox Samsung app, they won’t be able to access any data related to your business while still being able to make use of the device.

With Knox, the user is allowed to choose which apps can be run inside the secure environment of the app. By default, the ones that can be executed there are Gallery, Camera, Email, My Files, Downloads, Internet, Contacts, Phone and S-Planner. One thing to note here is that the Play Store cannot be accessed when using Knox. That said, Samsung offers a separate library of apps that can be downloaded and used while the Knox environment is enabled. Another thing that you need to bear in mind that there are also certain phone functions that are disabled while the app in question is enable. For instance, when using it, you won’t be able to take screenshots. Naturally, only the device’s administrator can modify the app’s settings and specifics.

Remote Control

One very neat feature that also comes with this app is the ability that it gives you to remotely manage your Android smartphone. Here are the remote control functions that you can execute with this app:

  • Find Now – Simple function that allows you to locate your device using Google Maps in case you have lost it.
  • Lock Device – Remotely locks the smartphone so that no one can use it (for instance, if it got stolen).
  • Wipe Device – Allows you to remotely Factory Reset your device. This wipes clean the whole device and not only the data from the Knox environment.
  • Lock Knox – Locks only the Knox environment on your device – the rest would still be accessible.


So, what is the Knox app? The app that we talked about might not be required by everyone. Indeed, most people do not need to have their data separated onto their Android devices. However, if you are running a business and you need your Samsung smartphone to manage it but do not want to get a second device just so that you can use it for work while keeping the other one for your personal life, then Knox is likely an app that you might want to check out. It makes managing your work apps and data safer and easier and also, as we already mentioned, the app also offers a number of additional features that make it a rather convenient tool. Whether you might need such an app and if it would prove to be useful is up for you to figure out.



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