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Lost Ark on Android

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Lost Ark on Android

Developed in partnership with Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG, Lost Ark is an online action role-playing video game that is catching the interest of more and more gamers. When it was first released a few years ago, the game was exclusively accessible in South Korea, however, it has lately been made available in other regions of the globe, including the United States and Europe. Following the release of Lost Ark for these regions, on February 11th, 2022 by Amazon Games, the game has seen a huge increase in its overall popularity and a growing number of people are seeking to play it on their Android devices.

Lost Ark on Android
Lost Ark on Android gameplay

Lost Ark is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that features a non-targeting fighting system and an action-centric playing style in an entertaining 3D video game. There is a big open world loaded with mysteries that need more player interaction than just hacking and slashing to solve. With each stage of the game’s progression, the player will collect experience and level up their character’s life skills by accomplishing different quests that provide them with a variety of advantages.

The player may use the collectible he’s won to purchase new equipment and accessories for himself. Ultimately, the aim is to travel across the map, seek artifacts, and uncover secret dungeons containing priceless treasures. Combo-based combat, Ride in Style, a Vast World, a Tripod System, a Variety of Classes, and more are just a few of the game’s many prominent features. For more information, you can always visit the official website and learn more about each of the features in detail. In the game, the player gets access to a ship that he may use to explore the ruins of the Lost Ark.

Fast-paced gameplay

According to some players, many parts of the Lost Ark game are reminiscent of World of Warcraft and other well-known massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). However, despite the fact that there are numerous similarities between the two, there are also significant differences between them. As previously stated, this is owing to the fact that Lost Ark places a strong focus on fast-paced gameplay.

In terms of leveling, equipping, and buying new items, in Lost Ark, the classical MMORPG character progression is still there, but you have significantly more influence over your character. The combat is fantastic, with impressive effects, and the game’s exquisite visuals only help to improve the whole experience even more.

The game actually walks you through the actions necessary to achieve your objectives throughout each level, making it perfect even for new players. Before you can continue exploring or taking up side quests and other challenges, you must first finish the main questline. Once you reach level 50, which is the game’s maximum level, the progression mechanism is changed, and your character will be at their highest potential in the game. Normally, it should take around 30 hours to complete this task and reach the maximum level. This, however, does not rule out the possibility of further developing your character by upgrading your equipment and hunting for more powerful items. Lost Ark’s map is vast and gives you a lot of room to explore.

Lost Ark combat
Lost Ark Combat


The combat system in Lost Ark is arguably the game’s most important selling point. You can’t help but like it since it’s fast-paced and thrilling. In Lost Ark, you’ll come up against a diversity of enemies to battle with, but no matter who you’re up against, the action is always fierce, and out-of-this-world spectacular.

The top-down camera, which is common in many hack and slash games and action role-playing games, is also present in Lost Ark. It allows you to get a bird’s eye view of the action, rather than seeing it from behind the character’s back or from the first-person point of view. Keeping track of cooldowns and rotating while playing is also vital throughout the gameplay.

Can you play Lost Ark on Android?

Yes, you can play Lost Ark on Android. However, you will have to make do with cloud gaming (which is actually a pretty cool option). As opposed to PC or console games, mobile games are quickly becoming the preferred gaming platform, primarily due to the fact that they can be played on the go on smartphones with no restrictions on data usage. Due to the game’s stunning visuals and fast-paced battling system, Lost Ark is an excellent addition to your Android device’s gaming library.

Lost Ark fast-paced battles
Lost Ark places a strong focus on fast-paced gameplay

The game’s endgame is extremely challenging and is geared toward both PvP and PvE play. In addition to its visually appealing graphics and fluid animations, the game also features an intriguing and diverse system of character classes. The debut of Lost Ark has been highly awaited by fans of massively multiplayer online role-playing games for two more convincing reasons. First, as the most popular game in Korea, Lost Ark Android swiftly surpassed League of Legends to become the most played game. Furthermore, the game’s increasing popularity in Europe and North America is indicative of the game’s high level of production quality.

Can you play Lost Ark on Android?

Lost Ark can be played on Android, but rather than downloading it, you’d instead need to stream the game to your Android device. You can play Lost Ark on Android using a cloud streaming service or by streaming the game from a PC.

Lost Ark is currently only available for Windows PCs, and it cannot officially be installed and played on any other platform. It certainly cannot be installed on an Android device. However, streaming technology allows you to still play the game on an Android phone or tablet, so long as you have a good Internet connection that can support the stream without any lagging or significant latency. Details about the two mentioned methods of streaming the game to your Android device will be shown to you in the following guide. If you are interested in trying either of the options, simply follow the steps shown below. 

How to play Lost Ark on Android

To play Lost Ark on Android, you can stream the game to your device via a cloud gaming platform such as Boosteroid. Another option for playing Lost Ark on Android is to stream the game from a PC that can run it.

Most users will likely go for the cloud gaming service option, as it provides the opportunity to play Lost Ark (or any other game in the service’s library that you own) at any time, from any place, so long as you have a good Internet connection, and you have an active subscription to the specific service that you want to use.

On the other hand, the PC-streaming method we mentioned is only an option if you already have a computer that can run Lost Ark, and that computer and your phone/table stay connected to the same network while you are playing. The plus side here is that, if those conditions are met, you can stream the game for totally free, whereas, to use a cloud gaming service, you’d need to pay a monthly subscription fee. The good news here is that most cloud gaming platforms’ fees are quite affordable and also offer flexible payment plans.

How to play Lost Ark with Cloud Gaming

To play Lost Ark with a Cloud Gaming service like Boosteroid you will first need to purchase the game.

Next, redeem your game on Steam.

Now you will need to register on Boosteroid. This allows you to add Lost Ark to their Cloud Gaming Library.

For an in-depth explanation of how to play Lost Ark with cloud gaming continue with the text below.

Play Lost Ark on Android using Boosteroid

Boosteroid is a fast-growing cloud gaming service that features a large number of AAA games in its library. Lost Ark is also available on Boosteroid, and so we will now show you how you can use this service to play the game on an Android device.

  1. First, you will need a Boosteroid registration (the registration itself is free), so go to the service’s site and create a new account there.
    Boosteroid account creation
  2. Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device and download from there the Boosteroid app.
  3. Open the app, log in, go to the profile section (profile icon in the bottom-right), and tap Subscribe.
  4. You will now need to get a paid subscription for the service in order to be allowed to use it – choose a payment plan and payment method, type the requested details, and activate the subscription.
  5. In the Boosteroid app, now tap the search button and search for Lost Ark.
  6. Select the game, then tap Play, and tap OK, let’s go.
  7. After a brief loading, you will get to a Steam login screen – tap the keyboard icon from the top-left and use the touch keyboard that appears to enter your Steam details and to log in.
  8. After you are logged into Steam, you can start the game. To get touch controls on your display (in case you don’t have a physical controller), tap the controller icon in the top-left.

How to download Lost Ark on Android

You can’t download Lost Ark on Android and play it in this way – instead, you’d need to stream the game. For that, you can use cloud gaming or download Lost Ark on a PC and stream it to your Android device from the PC.

The Boosteroid option we showed you above is an example o how you can use cloud gaming to play Lost Ark on Android. We will now show you three examples of the other method – streaming the Lost Ark from a Windows PC. All three of the apps we’ve included below are free to use, so if you already have a Windows PC that can run Lost Ark, you can directly set it up as a streaming server for your Android phone or tablet. Just note that, before you try any of the next three options, you must make sure that the PC and the Android device are both connected to the same network, or else you won’t be able to stream Lost Ark.

Streaming Lost Ark via Steam Link

  1. On your PC, open Steam and log in to your Steam account. If Steam isn’t on the computer, you need to download it before continuing with the next steps.
  2. Get the Steam Link app on your Android device by downloading it from the Google Play Store.
  3. Open the app, choose a controller option and connect a controller if you want to. Alternatively, just tap the Skip option.
  4. Steam Link will automatically scan the network that the phone/tablet is connected to for streaming-capable PCs. Once our computer’s name shows up on the screen, tap on it.
  5. A 4-digit code should appear – you must enter that code in the verification field on your PC and confirm the pairing of the two devices.
  6. Once your PC and Android device are paired, tap Start Playing on the phone/tablet and a Steam interface should appear on both devices’ screens.
  7. All that’s left to do now is navigate to your Steam Library and start Lost Ark from there. The game will open on both your PC and phone/tablet.

Streaming Lost Ark via Moonlight (only PCs with Nvidia GPUs)

  1. To use Moonlight, you’d first need to register on Nvidia’s site and also, from that site, download and install the GeForce Experience on your PC (it’s a free app).
  2. Start GeForce Experience, log in, click the settings button in the top-right, then select the Shield tab from the left, and enable Gamestream.
  3. On your phone/tablet, download Moonlight from the Play Store and open the app.
  4. You should see the name of your PC on the screen of the Android device – tap it and when a 4-digit code appears, enter that code on your PC and click Connect.
  5. Once the connection is established, on your phone/tablet, you should see a list of all the games that are on your PC and there should also be a Steam tile shown there – tap on Steam and the screen of your phone and PC should change to a Steam Interface.
  6. Now go to your personal library on Steam and launch Lost Ark from there

Streaming Lost Ark via AMD Link (Only PCs with AMD Radeon GPUs)

  1. Install AMD Link on your Android device (you can get it from the Play Store).
  2. On the streaming PC, search for and open the AMD Radeon Settings tool and click the AMD Link section.
  3. There, enable the AMD Link Server setting and select Add Device – you should now see a QR code appear on your PC’s screen.
  4. On the Android device, open the AMD Link app, accept the license agreement, and tap QR Scan from the top-right.
  5. Use your phone to scan the QR code on the screen of your PC – the two devices should now be paired.

Next, on your computer, click Gaming from the bottom, then find Lost Ark in the list of games (Lost Ark must be installed on your PC) and click on it to start streaming the game to your Android device.


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