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Disable Lucky Locker Android ads on lock screen (uninstall)

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What is Lucky Locker Android?

It can be particularly annoying if each time you attempt to unlock your phone when it is charging an obstructive lock screen appears on your display. There are apps out there that offer a feature such as this where some useful information is provided on your lock screen. For example, the date, the battery percentage, the weather outside or how much more time your phone needs until it’s fully charged. However, many Android applications out there also seem to display ads on the lock screen which can be annoying and unpleasant for a lot of users. For instance, one very common advert-displaying lock screen is the Lucky Locker. Recently, a very high number of reports have been filed by Android users who have experienced the Lucky Locker on their devices. If you are one such customer and are currently trying to find a way on how to get rid of this, we might be able to help you out. Just keep reading and you will learn how to quickly and effectively disable the unpleasant Android lock screen.

lucky locker android
lucky locker android

What is causing it?

First and foremost, one needs to find out what is the culprit behind this unpleasant feature. Normally, the cause for the advert lock screen should be an app that has been installed on your device. However, the problem is that there are actually quite a few Android applications out there which could be responsible for this. We can mention a few of them here that have been reported to trigger the unpleasant charging lock screen but this will not be an exhaustive list of all the apps that might be causing it. Several examples of such ads are:

  • 7min workout
  • 7fit
  • Amber Weather
  • l ES App Locker
  • GO apps (GO Weather, GO Keyboard, Next Browser, etc.)
  • KittyPlay
  • Kingo Root
  • TouchPal
  • Xender
  • Z Camera

If none of the above mentioned applications is on your device yet you are still receiving the nagging ads, then here is a way to figure out what app on your device is generating them. On your Android device go to Settings > General > Developer Options and find a menu/button labeled Services or Processes or something similar. One you find it and tap on it, a list of apps should appear with bar that represents how much memory they use from the device. Tap on any apps that you’ve recently installed that you think might be causing the charging lock screen to appear. Now look at the Services section and see if there is a service labeled Lucky Locker or anything like that. If you find an application with such a service, then this is likely the one responsible for the unpleasant lock screen.

What to do?

Many customers might actually find the apps listed above useful and beneficial which is why a lot of users might prefer to actually keep an application that triggers the Lucky Locker screen. In the end, it is up to the individual to decide whether the application responsible for the nagging feature is worth keeping or if it should be removed. Here, we are just going over what we know about the advert lock screen and about the apps that might be causing it to appear.

Unfortunately, the only effective way to stop the ads from appearing is by removing the application responsible for their generation. Some of the aforementioned applications might actually offer an option for disabling the ads (such as the Touchpal apps) but even when the disabling feature is used, many have reported that the ads would eventually get re-enabled automatically making the disable option pretty much useless.

One thing to mention is that the primary reason for the Lucky Locker adverts is financial gain for the developers of the application that causes the Android lock screen. Since the apps are free, the only other effective way for income through them would be by implementing some form of advertisement. Then again, as we already mentioned, it is up to the user to decide if they would like to allow the intrusiveness to continue or if they’d like to bring an end to it. If you decide that you’ve had enough of it and you want to get rid of the irritating adverts, have a look at our removal guide down below that will help you uninstall the application that is generating the Lucky Locker screen. If you have any questions, want to share your thoughts on this matter with us or if you know of another application that has similar behavior that wasn’t mentioned here, do not hesitate to hit us up in the comment section.

Disable Lucky Locker Android (Uninstall Guide)


If you are using TouchPal

If you are using TouchPal and it displays ads or any other unwanted content on your lock screen, then there might be an option to stop that from the app’s own interface. Open TouchPal and its menu (three horizontal parallel lines in the top-left).

Then go to Settings Look and Feel.


Swipe down until you reach an option labeled Uncheck Daily Summary – disable that option and there should no longer be ads on your lock screen.

Step 2

Enter Safe Mode

To enter Safe Mode on most Android smartphones, you must first hold down the power button until the power-off pop-up shows on your screen to ask you if you are sure that you want to power off the device. Tap and hold the power-off button until another pop-up shows up asking you if you want to enter Safe Mode. Tap on Ok and wait for your device to restart into Safe Mode.

Step 3

It might be enough to navigate to Settings -> Application Manager -> Downloaded -> Locate TouchPal (or other unwanted software) -> Uninstall

If this option is not active then try this: Settings -> More -> Security -> Device Administrators


Make sure that only the Android Device Manger has permissions to alter your device. Also make sure that under the Security settings you don’t have Unknown Sources marked out.


Step 4

Uninstall unwanted app

First, use the instructions from the article above to determine which app is likely causing the Lucky Locker screen. Once you figure that out, go to Settings > General Apps.

Swipe left to get to the All apps section and find the application that you need to remove. Once you find it, tap in it and select Force Stop. After this, tap on Uninstall.

Step 5

Reboot your Android Device. Your problem should now be fixed.

If you run into any trouble – ask us for help in the comments section!


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