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Smart New Tab Virus Removal

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Welcome to our Smart New Tab Virus removal instructions. This article intends to help you remove Smart New Tab Virus from your system and is designed to work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and all Windows versions.

Smart New Tab has been identified as a probable computer virus by a number of online databases. To be more precise – as an Adware type of virus. You may or may not know about this subclass of malicious software but since it is our intent to not only help you remove it effectively but also to provide as much information about it as possible, we will discuss it in some depth. This is important so that you can avoid ending up in a similar position in the future. And what position that would be exactly – you might ask.

Smart New Tab Virus

Smart New Tab Virus – how does it work?

As a typical representative of the Adware family (the name deriving from the words Advertisements and Malware), you have undoubtedly come face to face with the seemingly never ending array of Ads. They may come in a variety of forms – pop-ups, pop-unders, banners or even whole pages filled with nothing but irritating ads. These ads could be quite intrusive at times and accompanied by flashing effects and sounds. If that was not bad enough already you should also be prepared for the possible Browser redirects associated with Smart New Tab Virus. And by Browser redirects we mean this sort of thing – you try to open a specific web address but in addition to it or even instead of it another websites opens up in a new tab or window. This and the annoying ads will not only become a nuisance quite quickly but may also represent some very real and immediate dangers to your online security.

  • You should avoid interacting with the Ads and the websites you might be redirected to at all costs. If you do interact – it is a pretty sure way to get infected with additional malware and more often than not even more dangerous than Smart New Tab Virus – Trojan Horses, Ransomware and Rootkits.
  • You may notice that the ads displayed on your screen would have one thing in common – they are specifically targeting things you were interested in. That might not seem like much of an issue at first, and understandably so as many companies like Google, Facebook and other use similar targeted ads. But if you think about it – it turns out Smart New Tab Virus has privileged access to your browser’s cookies and cache. That is quite alarming because it leads to even more questions, for instance are your stored user names and passwords exposed as well? Especially if you are using any type of online banking, you might be alarmed and rightfully so. We advise changing your passwords after you have dealt with the removal of Smart New Tab Virus.
  • Do not be fooled by various misleading messages generated by the Ads like missing plug-ins, audio or video codecs, “important” software updates and the like. They will be all accompanied by useful download links, but if you fall for this you will be downloading compromised executable files. Which is a sure-fire way to end up with nasty malware on your device. You should never download any software from unconfirmed or unofficial source locations.

A bit of an explanation before you dive into our removal instructions. The creators of Smart New Tab Virus and other similar applications have deliberately created and made sure to spread around a lot of slightly differing versions of their malicious software. All this with the specific purpose to make it harder for removal guides and blogs, just like our own to come up with universal solutions. As a result you might find that parts of our removal guide might seem irrelevant or not corresponding to your specific needs. If that is indeed the case do not be alarmed, simply skip the parts that you deem irrelevant and continue with the rest of the instructions. If you have any questions or would like help with anything – just ask us in the comments.

Threat Smart New Tab Virus
Classification Adware/Browser Hijacker
Security Alert
High. Unlike most malicious software of this type, Smart New Tab Virus is quite dangerous and potentially damaging.
Negative Effects Undesired Ads, Browser Redirects, Compromised Personal Information.

Smart New Tab Virus Removal

Step 1

Reveal Hidden Files. If you don’t know how to do this, ask us in the comments.

Step 2

Press Start Button => Control Panel => Uninstall a program.

Uninstall in Control Panel

Locate the virus and any other suspicious looking programs and uninstall them.

Sort the programs by Installed On.

Installed On

Delete recent suspicious entries.



In the search field type => msconfig => hit Enter.

Type msconfig

Go to Startup and disable all entries with Unknown as Manufacturer.

Disable Unknown Manufacturer

Step 3

Start Button => Search=> Copy/Paste “notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts” => Enter.

Hosts File

If you notice other IPs different from the localhost IPs – you might be in danger!

Localhost IPs

Ask for additional help in the comments.

Step 4

Smart New Tab Virus Removal from Chrome Browser Chrome

Click Chrome => More Tools => Extensions.

Extensions in Chrome

Locate the virus and remove it.

Smart New Tab Virus Removal from Firefox Browser Firefox

Click Bars in Firefox => Add-ons=> Extensions.

Extensions in Firefox

Locate the virus and delete it.

Malware Removal from Internet Explorer Internet Explorer

Press on IE Gear => Manage Add-ons =>

Extensions in IE

Find the virus and remove it.

Step 5

Right click on the Taskbar => Start Task Manager.

Start Windows Task Manager

Navigate to Processes.

Processes in Task Manager

Locate any suspicious processes associated with Smart New Tab Virus. Right click on the process = > Open File Location => End Process = > Delete the directories with the suspicious files.

Step 6

Start Button => Search => Type:

  • %AppData%
  • %LocalAppData%
  • %ProgramData%
  • %WinDir%
  • %Temp%

Type in Search

Hit Enter after each new search. Check each Folder and delete recent entries.

If you run into any trouble – ask us for help in the comments section!


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