ESET Announces New Version of Mobile Security for Android

ESET Announces New Version of Security for Android

The updated product will provide users with improved security and malware removal measures that are both simple and effective.

New features include a redesigned user interface that is tablet and landscape-friendly; enhanced antivirus scanning capabilities that can detect both known and hidden threats such as the Android (NewsAlert) Master Key related vulnerabilities; a new user-friendly setup for Startup and Anti-Theft Wizard; an SMS/call filter that can block incoming text messages or calls at specified times; a security audit that can monitor installed application permissions, including location tracking, access to contacts and in-app purchases; and enhanced anti-phishing capabilities.

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“One of our goals with the new version of ESET Mobile Security for Android was to make protection even easier for users,” Andrew Lee, CEO of ESET, said in a statement. “Our new user interface and setup wizards are designed for mobile users looking for simple and powerful security products that are easy to configure, run quietly in the background, and require limited resources.”

The new version comes at a time when there is a high risk for a breach in cyber security as Android devices are becoming increasingly popular and mobile malware is on the rise. More specifically, Android malware has increased by a factor of 17 between 2011 to 2012, according to research regarding mobile cyberthreats. Fortunately, ESET Mobile Security has proven to be an effective solution to combat the problem as a recent evaluation by international IT security and antivirus research firm AV-TEST Institute found that the app detected 99.7 percent of malicious content.

ESET’s chief technology officer Palo Luka said the updated security app will give users “peace of mind when browsing the Internet or downloading applications.” in seeing much less ads by different malicious adware

The ESET Mobile Security Android is available at the Google (News Alert)Play mobile App Store.

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