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Google’s Android Device Manager Brings More Security to Android Phones

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Google’s Android Device Manager Brings More Security to Android Phones

It is just a sad fact of our highly technological world that every device we own and use is going to be the target of people who are a little less than reputable in one way or another. Hackers are the most publicized criminals when it comes to mobile applications and computers, but there are still plenty of people who are perfectly fine committing old-fashioned crimes that involve your smartphone as well.

If you have an iPhone and you lose it or have it lifted off your person,Apple (News Alert) has long had a way to find the phone in a matter of minutes. Find my iPhone has been one of biggest mobile security applications in the world since it was first announced. The application works well enough that it has long given iOS users peace of mind that Android (NewsAlert) users haven’t been able to gain. It appears that Google is finally ready to follow in the Find my iPhone footsteps.

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Google (News Alert) announced late last week that it was finally going to be rolling out an Android version of the Apple application that is designed to plug a series of security holes. A post on the Google home page was issued that illustrated that any Android phone that is running 2.2 or later will have access to the Android Device Manager. Much like Find my iPhone (NewsAlert), the locating software will only be able to work if the phone is signed into the user’s Google account.

This kind of security measure is one that Google has been needlessly dragging its feet on for years. Even with this particular solution, it still falls short of what Apple is able to offer. While you can now find your Android phone remotely, Apple’s security software also allows you to wipe and/or lock your phone. While Android Device Manager doesn’t have the capability, it is certainly better than what the company was offering up until now.


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