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Webroot Pushes Its Already-Awesome Solutions Even Further

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Webroot, a company and household brand name well-known for offering security solutions to home and business users, has announced on Monday that it has released a new update for its Webroot SecureAnywhere product line catering to individual consumers and families.


Since Webroot has first launched Webroot SecureAnywhere, it’s had quite a delightful reception, with almost twice the consumers using it recommending it compared to its nearest competitor. Webroot’s special software is able to detect malware before it goes mainstream, much unlike other antivirus applications available to consumers. The latest version of SecureAnywhere has also revamped its interface, allowing users to enjoy a more intuitive layout that gives them more control over aspects of their security that are most important to them. Along with interface changes, the platform takes new steps to universally protect devices regardless of the operating systems they use. Users will not need to worry about finding a proper solution for each of their systems, as they will be able to run Webroot on Windows, Mac, Android (News – Alert), and iOS.

Among its many improvements, Webroot SecureAnywhere will also link with Windows Explorer for its backup and sync capabilities, and it will also include web content filtering, which prevents users from getting hijacked by malicious sites containing bits of code that install themselves on their browsers.

In a world where security breaches are becoming more commonplace, Webroot has also been offering a business-class product of SecureAnywhere, which helps companies mitigate BYOD – one of the biggest threats to business security today. Its licenses protect up to four devices for each user with three different options: one for mobile, one for endpoints, and one for both. Its platform protects companies from zero-day (brand new) and adaptive threats that can really cripple IT infrastructures.

Mike Malloy, Webroot’s EVP of products and strategy, said, “The volume of new malware and phishing attacks increased by over 50 percent last year, and the sophistication of these attacks is increasing as well. With the newest release of Webroot SecureAnywhere, we have integrated powerful, new protection features that address these emerging threats in real time. Our customer data shows that less than one-half of one percent of SecureAnywhere users have gotten infected since switching to our solution, the best protection in the security industry. Webroot’s cloud-based threat intelligence simply responds more quickly and more effectively than traditional security products to protect all of our users as soon as they are attacked by a new threat.”


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