Splashtop to Provide Goodwill with Secure Mobile Access

Splashtop to Provide Goodwill with Secure Mobile Access

Implementing mobile solutions as part of an organization’s communications solutions carries many security risks. Whether the device is lost, stolen, damaged or hacked, each scenario presents organizations with problems that have to be solved in order to ensure the damage is minimized or eliminated. Goodwill Industries of greater New York and northern New Jersey has chosen Splashtop for Business to ensure the protection of its system when it is accessing backend systems and applications using mobile devices.

The Greater New York and Northern New Jersey region covered by Goodwill has more than 40 retail stores, offices and many of the programs and services the organization provides. When it decided to offer its associates access to its network with mobile devices, it faced a very serious problem. Goodwill stores large amounts of personal information from donors, employees and the individuals seeking help. It must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), which addresses the security and privacy of health as well as other federal statutes. So mobile security was a very important component of the solution the organization was looking for.

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Splashtop for Business is an application designed to boost productivity by giving Goodwill access to the information its employees need anytime and anywhereusing their mobile devices. The platform can be activated easily with a fast setup, and without the investment of additional hardware to install or maintain.

It can support a mobile workforce anywhere in the world as long as a reliable Internet connection is available. Users can access not only e-mails and simple documents, but also large business application and multi-media files with HD videos, ERP modules and more.

The security protocol uses a 256-bit SSL encryption and doesn’t require a remote desktop gateway (RDP) or virtual private network (VPN). Members of the mobile workforce can use their Android, iOS, Windows Phone (NewsAlert) 8, Blackberry or WinRT (Windows and MAC) mobile devices to gain complete access to critical business apps and data hosted on their PC or Mac computers.

“IT supports Goodwill’s business by continuously looking for ways to add value and innovation, such as providing Splashtop Business to support our workforce. theBy securely mobilizing applications such as Microsoft (News Alert) Office and other business applications for our iPad users, Splashtop enhances their productivity, while also minimizing risk and adhering to our IT governance processes,” said Andre R. Bromes, chief information officer at Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey.

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