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Need for Mobile Security Boosts SiRRAN Secure Mobile Subscriber Growth in Q2

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Need for Mobile Security Boosts SiRRAN Secure Mobile Subscriber Growth in Q2

The mobile market surged into the mainstream so quickly that most users, and even businesses, didn’t have enough time to think about security and ads removals. But now, the situation has changed and many cyber criminals have shifted their focus to mobile platforms, according to security firm F-Secure (NewsAlert), making mobile security an absolute necessity.

Meanwhile, mobile users have to stay on guard against mobile traffic interception not only from criminals, but also businesses and even governments. In fact, telecommunications software company SiRRAN Communications claims that over 90 percent of global mobile traffic is now being intercepted, monitored — and even permanently stored. This is largely due to the fact that intercept technologies are easily available online and through off-the-shelf devices from certain retailers for relatively low prices.

While handling malware, viruses, Trojans and similar attacks isn’t all that unusual for many mobile users, who have spent years contending with the same sort of attacks on PCs, countering traffic interception is a new game altogether. Fortunately, SiRRAN’s Secure Mobile voice and data core technology is an effective way of dealing with traffic interception.

“SiRRAN has a long and proven history developing and deploying secure mobile network solutions, using the latest hardware and encrypted software technologies to provide industry leading performance and quality of service to thousands of users worldwide,” said Rob Koldys, managing director of SiRRAN Communications, in a statement.

Secure Mobile is a mobile application that ensures network integrity by securing transport and application layers, even while using public wireless networks. The app, available for iOS and Android (NewsAlert) devices, also ensures that calls are always secure, regardless of the caller’s location. Impressively, Secure Mobile supports some of the most demanding markets for mobile security, including enterprise and military.

Considering the state of mobile security today, and the effectiveness of Secure Mobile in combating traffic interception, it’s no wonder SiRRAN has reported 50 percent subscriber growth in the second quarter of 2013.


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