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LogMeOnce Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Encrypted USB and Password Manager

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Security is a major concern with the Internet—not just for businesses, but for individuals too. Hackers want passwords, giving them access to important financial and identification data so that they can steal from unwary individuals. While people may be willing to create complex passwords, a new password for each account is something that people are less willing to do. It can be difficult to remember all of them, and thus people alternate between a small group of passwords for a variety of accounts. This means that if the password to Facebook is compromised, the password for a bank account might very well be compromised too.

On April 3, a Kickstarter campaign was launched with the goal of making it easier for people to create various passwords without the hassle of trying to remember them. LogMeOnce is developing an all in one security solution.

LogMeOnce’s product, the LogMeOnce Consolidator, is a secure USB that acts as a password manager and phone charger on top of securing files. The USB itself will be password protected, meaning nobody can get into your files, and if your USB is lost, all they will see without knowing how to get access is an empty to USB drive. On top of this, the USB will provide an encryption code that nobody but you will know, not even LogMeOnce will have the code, meaning all data stored on the file can be completely encrypted leaving it unreadable for anyone but you to access.

Getting back to passwords, the USB will include a simple program that passwords and the websites associated with them can be stored in. This will allow users to create complex, secure passwords, without having to deal with the stress of remembering all the passwords. Hackers still won’t be able to get those passwords, as logging into a website will open a window that will log the user in automatically using encryption.

The built-in phone charger is an added bonus, turning the all-in-one security device into a power bank to charge phones on the go.

LogMeOnce’s new device is created completely from the ground up by the company, and will surely make security more accessible for everyone. Anyone will be able to use LogMeOnce Consolidator, and if enough people take up the new product hackers’ live are sure to become more difficult.

LogMeonce’s Kickstarter campaign will be running for 60 days, and the company is hoping to raise $50,000.


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