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Keynote Introduces Real-time Mobile App Monitoring at MWC

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The Mobile World Congress, this year held in Barcelona, Spain, is an exciting place for those within the mobile industry to present new products and software to the public, as well as to others within the industry and open channels for collaboration. Around the world, over 100 billion apps are downloaded every year, and the increasing prevalence of mobile technology means that this rate will increase – yet only an estimated 5 percent of IT operations teams actively monitor the performance of the mobile apps they produce. Recognizing this blind spot, global leader in mobile and web cloud testing & monitoring Keynote unveiled their newest product to troubleshoot app performance: Keynote Mobile App Monitoring.

Keynote Mobile App Monitoring is the mobile industry’s first 100 percent cloud-based solution that allows developers to monitor the performance of their apps as they already exist, without having to modify back doors within the software for access. It is expected that annual downloads could reach as high as 268 billion in 2017, resulting in a $77 billion industry. In order to allow developers to better take advantage of this market with more reliable products, Keynote Mobile App Monitoring will make sure that errors within an app can be found and fixed immediately. This move is reminiscent of Keynote’s Opening Address Talks at the M2M evolution conference near the end of January, where businesses were encouraged to embrace new trends like intelligent devices, big data, and app responsiveness.

Because Keynote Mobile app Monitoring does not require any modification of the app for developers to take a peek, they can get a more accurate reading on what does and does not work within the app. Adding in extra software for monitoring, no matter how small, always bears the risk of introducing a new element that could interact with the rest of the app’s coding. Yet by allowing passive monitoring, the Keynote Mobile App Monitor allows developers to observe their apps without interference. This also means that app developers have to spend less time manipulating code and distributing it to their user base, allowing them to save time and ultimately, money.


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