Jjkixertwk.pw “Virus” Android Removal

Welcome to our Jjkixertwk.pw Android removal instructions. They should work on most Android devices.


Once your android device has been infected with browser hijacker, there’s really no way you’ll remain ignorant of the fact for long. You will almost immediately become targeted with various ads, be it in your browser or certain apps you use. The ads usually come in various shapes and sizes: from pop-ups, to banners covering substantial sections of given websites, to full-blown windows that sometimes might even take up the whole of your screen. In addition to this, the ads may sometimes come accompanied with sound, the volume of which you can’t control, and often closing them can be a difficult task. This can prove heavily inconvenient, especially if you’re using your portable device somewhere in public. The below guide is designed to help you remove this nuisance from your phone or tablet, but let’s cover some basic facts about Jjkixertwk.pw – the browser hijacker program you’ve recently come into contact with.

What is the purpose of Jjkixertwk.pw?

Since it belongs to the software class of browser hijacker, you can probably guess that its main purpose has something to do with advertising. In fact, its main function is to generate as many adverts, as can be, in order to earn a profit from them. This is possible thanks to the famous online marketing strategy, known as the Pay per click scheme. The more ads get clicked on or tapped, the more revenue is made for the developers. This should explain the wild intrusiveness of some of the ads and their strategically obstructive placement in your browser.

Risks about Jjkixertwk.pw “Virus”

This is an important point to make – Jjkixertwk.pw “virus” is not really a virus. Jjkixertwk.pw and browser hijackers in general are not considered to be harmful programs. Though this type of software is often mistakenly referred to as viruses, it pales in comparison to the damage real viruses like Trojans or ransomware can inflict. Nonetheless, it’s recommended that you remove Jjkixertwk.pw from your device, because it does have the capability of exposing you to external threats. For example, rarely given ads can be fake and can redirect you to malicious websites. Alternatively, if you’re careless with the personal information you enter on various unsafe websites without using an encrypted connection, this information could end up in the wrong hands. browser hijacker is known for collecting your browsing-related information and details like this could easily be gathered along with your search queries, favorite websites, etc. It’s not uncommon that this data is later sold to third parties, which increases the risk of you falling victim to crimes like identity theft and other instances of data misuse. Therefore, be smarter about your browsing, apply your common sense at all times and uninstall the pesky program using the below instructions, as soon as you can.

Jjkixertwk.pw Android Removal


It might be enough to navigate to Settings -> Application Manager -> Downloaded -> Locate Jjkixertwk.pw -> Uninstall

If this option is not active then try this: Settings -> More -> Security -> Device Administrators

8Make sure that only the Android Device Manger has permissions to alter your device. Also make sure that under the Security settings you don’t have Unknown Sources marked out.


Step 2

Remove Jjkixertwk.pw from Chrome

Go to Settings -> More -> Application Manager


Now Go to Application Manager -> Downloaded -> Chrome


Now Force Stop -> Clear Data


Step 3

Remove Jjkixertwk.pw from Firefox

Again, Go to Settings -> More -> Application Manager


Now Go to Application Manager -> Downloaded -> Firefox


Now Force Stop -> Clear Data


Step 4

Remove Jjkixertwk.pw From “Internet”

Settings -> More -> Application Manager


Application Manager -> All -> Internet


Force Stop -> Clear Data


Step 5

Reboot your Android Device. Your problem should now be fixed.

If you run into any trouble – ask us for help in the comments section!

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