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No menu items! “Virus” Android Removal

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Welcome to our Android removal instructions. They should work on most Android devices.


A sure way of knowing whether your android smartphone or tablet has been infected by is the presence of an increased amount of ads, both in certain apps and in your browser. One more characteristic sign that suggests browser hijacker infection (like is when those ads you see all of a sudden start to match your recent search queries. In this brief article we will explain how exactly that comes to be, what browser hijacker is actually all about and whether or not there’s actual cause for worry. Stick around and be sure to check out or removal guide for some easy instructions on how to remove this irritating program.

What does

Much like any type of browser hijacker, aims to distribute large amounts of popups, banners, box messages and other forms of advertising material for the purpose of making a profit on them. More specifically, the profit is made from the clicks or taps (in the case of sensory screens) on the separate advertisements. This is actually a popular strategy known as the Pay per click scheme and many businesses use it to earn some additional revenue. The point you’re interested in is how this intrusive program gets to know what you’ve been searching for and even provide you ads that are relevant to those searches. Well, the answer to this one is quite simple: it watches you. it carefully takes note of your browsing patterns and analyzes that to produce more user-specific content. Obviously the goal here is to get you to click on the displayed box messages and such.

Is there danger involved in “Virus”? is not a virus, let’s start with that. and other programs of this type are not considered malicious, harmful or dangerous in any way, even though they are often mistakenly referred to as viruses. Moreover, they are nowhere near as hazardous as actual viruses like ransomware and malware can be. Nonetheless, we would not recommend keeping software like this on your device, not only for the simple sake of your sanity, but because there are some more tangible risks involved. The information mentioned earlier can and most times actually is sold to the third parties, which increases the chance of data misuse occurring. In addition to this, some of the numerous ads displayed might very well redirect you to a malicious website, which in turn could lead to far more serious infections. It is for this reason that we have designed the below guide: to help you remove this nuisance from your gadget and once again let you enjoy a peaceful browsing experience. Removal From Android


It might be enough to navigate to Settings -> Application Manager -> Downloaded -> Locate -> Uninstall

If this option is not active then try this: Settings -> More -> Security -> Device Administrators

8Make sure that only the Android Device Manger has permissions to alter your device. Also make sure that under the Security settings you don’t have Unknown Sources marked out.


Step 2

Remove from Chrome

Go to Settings -> More -> Application Manager


Now Go to Application Manager -> Downloaded -> Chrome


Now Force Stop -> Clear Data


Step 3

Remove from Firefox

Again, Go to Settings -> More -> Application Manager


Now Go to Application Manager -> Downloaded -> Firefox


Now Force Stop -> Clear Data


Step 4

Remove From “Internet”

Settings -> More -> Application Manager


Application Manager -> All -> Internet


Force Stop -> Clear Data


Step 5

Reboot your Android Device. Your problem should now be fixed.

If you run into any trouble – ask us for help in the comments section!


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