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ANCILE uAlign now Available Under SAP Communication Center Solution

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ANCILE uAlign now Available Under SAP Communication Center Solution

One of the greatest benefits of the Internet is its ability to teach students at every level at their own convenience. This has encouraged some of the top institutions of higher learning in the world to provide a large portion of their curriculum for free to anyone with an in Internet access. While not everyone can provide free education, the technology has allowed many organizations to offer on-demand learning, real-time performance support, specialized training and online certification to a wider audience. This gives individuals that want to upgrade their education and skill level more opportunities no matter where they are. ANCILLE Solutions, provider of learning and performance enablement software solutions, has used the Internet to deliver educational services around the world, and looks to continue by gaining more users.

In order to make its products and services available to a wider audience, the company has entered into an agreement with SAP AG to resell the ANCILE uAlign under the name SAP Communication Center solution by ANCILE.

The agreement lets SAP deliver the solution as a cloud offering to give customers the ability to validate communications to support operational compliance, sales enablement, on-boarding, and micro-learning needs. Organizations will be able to deliver bite-sized content on any device to anyone/anywhere/anytime. This allows businesses the ability to analyze the impact of real-time information delivery to a wide range of participants no matter where they are with uAlign.

As more employees use mobile technology to work outside the office and collaborate with other employees, the more they need for a solution that simplifies the process without compatibility issues. The ANCILE uAlign is a platform that allows all parties to communicate effectively while ensuring who’s seen, who’s understood, and who’s taken the needed action.

The ability to reliably ask if the entire team is acting on the most current information and get an accurate answer is a game changer. Teams will no longer have to wonder whether anyone in the communication loop has missed a critical piece of data. The uAlign solution provides a closed loop action oriented communications to deliver operational compliance, propel sales force enablement, communicate HR policies and procedures, or deliver microlearning.

Some of the features of uAling include:

  • Targeted messaging across the entire value chain: employees, partners, vendors, suppliers and others with engaging messages and calls to action
  • Drive comprehension, efficiency and output
  • Simple content and message creation with an intuitive authoring interface
  • An embedded multimedia solution for adding attachments and link to external content such as eLearning courses
  • Fast delivery of messages
  • A mobility driven platform with a cloud-delivered solution that is optimized for viewing on mobile browsers and an available iOS app

“This latest addition to the SAP portfolio not only complements the functionality available in SAP Productivity Pak, but SAP Communication Center also expands the communication tools in SuccessFactors Learning and SAP Jam. We developed uAlign to address a void with current communications tools. With uAlign, we’ll help organizations answer the question ‘Are my team members compliant with our processes and performing with the most current information?” said ANCILE CEO Frank Lonergan.

ANCILE Solutions provides validated action-based communications software to more than half of the Fortune 100, and has been chosen by more than 4,400 customers with over 19 million users around the world.


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