3CX Rolls Out Mobile Device Manager Upgrade with Better Android Controls

3CX Rolls Out Mobile Device Manager Upgrade with Better Android Controls

In March 2012, Danny Sullivan, founding editor of Search Engine Land, wrote an article for CNET about how lousy e-mail on an Android device could be.

Instead of offering a single native Android e-mail app, each Android device manufacturer, said Sullivan, furnished its own app. This disparity created a different e-mail experience with every Android device.

Sullivan speculated that Google expected the Gmail app to be sufficient for Android users, but he pointed out that not every Android user has a Gmail account. He also pointed out that the Android Gmail app didn’t recognize Google Apps accounts, even though iOS and Windows Phone both have that capability.

To attack the problem, 3CX has released its Mobile Device Manager version 6.3 with strong e-mail controls for Android. The company also integrated its DroidDesk into the new MDM, allowing administrators remotely to control Android tablets and phones.

The new MDM enhances e-mail management by employing a popular commercial e-mail app for Android called AquaMail. With AquaMail, admins can remotely configure corporate e-mail while retaining control of stored attachments and mail. They can also delete all messages and attachments on a corporate device when the employee leaves the company.

Incorporating DroidDesk gives users the ability to remotely upload and download files. Admins can also add and delete files when they need to manage the user’s storage space. Remote shell lets admins fix devices remotely while accurate system logs give admins a clear view of which applications and operations the device is running at a given time.

Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX, says that the new functionality of MDM 6.3 makes Android more competitive with BlackBerry in enterprise setups. “Up until now, Android has lacked the management features to control and secure e-mail. Hampered by Android’s inability to manage corporate e-mail, that mantle has traditionally fallen to Blackberry.

“With 3CX Mobile Device Manager 6.3, businesses can have peace of mind as they can securely and ad removal and efficiently deploy corporate email as well as delete e-mails and attachments from Android devices at any point.”

In addition to better management features, users have the benefits of a good commercial e-mail app when businesses uses 3CX Mobile Device Manager version 6.3. Maybe Danny Sullivan will appreciate the upgrade.

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