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Freemobileapp “Virus” Android Removal

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Welcome to our Freemobileapp Android removal instructions. They should work on most Android devices. is a form of browser hijacker, particularly designed to android devices. As you can most likely tell by the name, it’s a program made for the distribution of advertisements. These may come in the form of pop-ups, banners, page redirects and box messages – all an annoying army of unwanted interference with your browsing experience. The guide provided below will help you deal with this issue and remove it from your smartphone or tablet, but you should first understand the specifics of a browser hijacker, before going any further. This will by the very least save you some time and effort in the future, by allowing you to prevent infection from happening in the first place.

What a browser hijacker does

Freemobileapp operates based on the Pay per click scheme, which enables its developers to earn a profit each time you click (tap, in the case of sensory screens) on a given ad. You may have noticed that avoiding this is made especially difficult due to the intrusiveness of ads and the way they are positioned on your screen, at times even occupying all of it. However, it’s not effective enough to count on chance or accidental taps alone, so the developers try to discover your interests and provide you with ads that match them. This is achieved by collecting your browsing-related information, such as your search queries, favorite websites and even personal details. Once that’s been utilized, it can then be sold on to third parties, which puts you at risk of becoming victim to identity theft and other, unfortunately, common cybercrimes.  This should be the main reason, why you would want to remove as quickly as possible.

Other risks

Many people refer to Freemobileapp “virus”, thinking it a virus or malware. This is somewhat of a gray area but technically can’t be considered a virus. Though Freemobileapp is not a virus and can hardly be compared to real security hazards like Trojans and ransomware, it still has the potential of bringing those things upon you. Interacting with any given ad could end up redirecting you to a malicious website, crawling with viruses of all sorts of levels of danger. Obviously, if you aren’t careful, you could end up getting infected with any of them in no time. For this reason it is very important that you are as cautious as can be, when handling the ads on your screen and avoid opening any of them.

The way browser hijacker is distributed to smartphones/tablets varies slightly from the way it’s done on regular computers. Instead of bundling it in with third party software, which essentially would enable you to spot it and prevent it from getting installed, here Freemobileapp is integrated within the said program. This means it’s an inherent part of it and your best chance of knowing, whether or not a certain app contains browser hijacker, is researching it first.

Freemobileapp Android Removal


It might be enough to navigate to Settings -> Application Manager -> Downloaded -> Locate Freemobileapp -> Uninstall

If this option is not active then try this: Settings -> More -> Security -> Device Administrators

8Make sure that only the Android Device Manger has permissions to alter your device. Also make sure that under the Security settings you don’t have Unknown Sources marked out.


Step 2

Remove Freemobileapp from Chrome

Go to Settings -> More -> Application Manager


Now Go to Application Manager -> Downloaded -> Chrome


Now Force Stop -> Clear Data


Step 3

Remove Freemobileapp from Firefox

Again, Go to Settings -> More -> Application Manager


Now Go to Application Manager -> Downloaded -> Firefox


Now Force Stop -> Clear Data


Step 4

Remove Freemobileapp From “Internet”

Settings -> More -> Application Manager


Application Manager -> All -> Internet


Force Stop -> Clear Data


Step 5

Reboot your Android Device. Your problem should now be fixed.

If you run into any trouble – ask us for help in the comments section!


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