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How To Remove Ads by Responsive app from Chrome, Firefox. Ads by Responsive app can easily fool you into thinking it is a legitimate program with its great claims and awesome features. Well the truth is it’s created for one sole reason. To infect your system and extract as much information as possible. Sure it [...]
Ads By Rateitapp is classified and a PUP (potentially unwanted program) that is infecting more and more machines in the upcoming days. At first glance ads by Rateitapp looks to be quite a useful program leaving innocent users thinking how great the program is because of the functionality that it claims to offer. However they [...] is what you might call a browser hijacker. Many people think it’s a miss print and that the virus is actually called’, but it’s not. What this homepage hijacker does is modify your browser settings without the users consent. From there a spiral of unfortunate events of events may occur such as loss [...]