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AdClick “Virus” Removal

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Welcome to our AdClick removal instructions. This article intends to help you remove AdClick from your system and is designed to work for Chrome, Firefox and all Windows versions.

Are you being disturbed by a pop-up message or a banner that doesn’t want to go away? Every day, there are thousands of new versions of adware, detected around the world and it looks like your PC was targeted by one of them. We have in fact accumulated a lot of different variations of questions like “cara menghilangkan adclick”, “adclick как удалить”, “como remover adclick”, or “adclick kaldırma”. This is hardly a coincidence and it in fact shows how much of a global issue it is.  Adware generally means a piece of software, which displays unwanted advertisements on the user’s screen during their web searches. It is considered as some of the least threatening applications, however, it may be annoying and users will probably want to remove it. After all, we are exposed to adverts as soon as we come online. Companies constantly haunt us to install their toolbars, or make their page our default home page. Little doubt as to why so many people inquire about “cara menghilangkan adclick”, “adclick как удалить”, “como remover adclick”, or “adclick kaldırma”.

What do experts say about AdClick “Virus”?

Contrary to the common mistake of labeling AdClick “Virus” a virus, it is in fact something else. Security programmers classify such software as not so risky – or maybe even harmless – compared to something like a Trojan virus. Users are actually given a choice whether to enable adware to be installed on their system or not. What usually happens is that they may simply not read the EULA when installing software. Let’s be honest, nobody reads it, but this is where the adware notification may be found. Commonly, potentially unwanted programs may be bundled inside the installation package of other software, which is mostly distributed for free. If you have downloaded some free software recently, this is how you may have installed the AdClick on your PC. Many people choose to call it AdClick “Virus”. Now you know that this is not a virus, but probably you may be experiencing some negative effects, related to the behavior of this application. This makes the previously stated questions “cara menghilangkan adclick”, “adclick как удалить”, “como remover adclick”, or “adclick kaldırma” even more relevant.

How does AdClick behave?

AdClick is highly sophisticated software, which aims to display advertisements and is developed to react to search queries from your browser and deliver targeted ads as a result. For example, it may redirect users’ searches to advertising web pages or pop-up messages when the user clicks on common websites. Or, it may load users’ screen with banners and ads whenever they open a new window. This software is small, light and discreet and may easily integrate with Google Chrome, Firefox or any other browser. What it may do is, it may keep a track of the browsing history, recent searches, last websites visits and any other browsing related data. This information may then be sent to the developers, where they may analyze it to display more relevant ads, or share it with third parties. Some users may find this activity annoying and may refer to it as violating their privacy, thus, they may desire to remove it.

How AdClick arrived on your PC?

AdClick may arrive as part of a ‘free’ program, where installing it is easy and you may not even notice it. Stopping it from displaying ads or uninstalling it, however, could be trickier than what the average user may handle. That’s why many users may be disturbed from unstoppable ads, popping up constantly on their screen and unable to close them. The internet is already full of annoying adverts, which many of us may not really want to see. When you see ads popping up even on your desktop,  or different site appears when you type a URL, then you may probably feel like you have a problem.

How to save yourself from getting an adware?

You probably know that you should always pay attention when surfing online, especially when you come across unknown websites, pop-up ads or links. It is always a good idea to check all software you decide to download and install on your PC. Read the EULA before you press the OK button. Do not be tricked by the installation wizard to go for the “Quick” installation. Instead, press the “Advanced” or “Custom” options, and there you may see potentially unwanted software you didn’t intend to download on the first place. If you cannot recognize it, or you feel you may not need it, simply remove it from the checkbox. This will stop it from being installed on your PC. 

If you are still reading this, then most probably you already have AdClick on your PC and looking how to remove it. Do not worry. Below is a very useful guide that may help you get rid of this application and save you from the advertisement invasion. Give it a look.

Threat AdClick
Classification Adware
Security Alert
Medium (It may overload the users’ screen with banners and ads whenever they open a new window)
Negative Effects It may keep a track of the browsing history, recent searches, last websites visits and any other browsing related data.

AdClick Removal

Step 1

Reveal Hidden Files. If you don’t know how to do this, ask us in the comments.

Step 2

Press Start Button => Control Panel => Uninstall a program.

Uninstall in Control Panel

Locate the Adware and any other suspicious looking programs and uninstall them.

Additional 2.1:

Sort the programs by Installed On.

Installed On

Delete recent suspicious entries.

Step 2 (Alternative)

Press and hold the Start Button button on your keyboard and R. Type appwiz.cpl and click on Ok.


Look for suspicious programs and uninstall them.

Additional 2.2:

In the search field type => msconfig => hit Enter.

Type msconfig

Go to Startup and disable all entries with Unknown as Manufacturer.

Disable Unknown Manufacturer

Step 3

Start Button => Search=> Copy/Paste “notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts” => Enter.

Hosts File

If you notice other IPs different from the localhost IPs – you might be in danger!

Localhost IPs

Ask for additional help in the comments.

Step 4

AdClick Removal from Chrome Browser Chrome

Click Chrome => More Tools => Extensions.

Extensions in Chrome

Locate the Adware and remove it.

AdClick Removal from Firefox Browser Firefox

Click Bars in Firefox => Add-ons=> Extensions.

Extensions in Firefox

Locate the Adware and delete it.

Malware Removal from Internet Explorer Internet Explorer

Press on IE Gear => Manage Add-ons =>

Extensions in IE

Find the Adware and remove it.

Step 5

Right click on the Taskbar => Start Task Manager.

Start Windows Task Manager

Navigate to Processes.

Processes in Task Manager

Locate any suspicious processes associated with AdClick. Right click on the process = > Open File Location => End Process = > Delete the directories with the suspicious files.

Step 6

Start Button => Search => Type:

  • %AppData%
  • %LocalAppData%
  • %ProgramData%
  • %WinDir%
  • %Temp%

Type in Search

Hit Enter after each new search. Check each Folder and delete recent entries.

If you run into any trouble – ask us for help in the comments section!


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